1. Click on the "CONTENT" tab and then on "Manage Events".
  2. Either click on the "ADD NEW EVENT" button on the right or click on a day in the calendar.
  3. Select "Complete Entry".
  4. Click on the "Online Registration" button to create a new registration form for the event.

"overview" tab

  1. A name for the form is entered for you, but you can change the name.
  2. You can choose to either have the form available at all times or you can click on the "restricted by display date" radio button to set the date that the form will first be available and the date that the form will be no longer active.
  3. Enter an email address where you would like the submitted form information to be delivered.  You can add multiple email addresses as well by separating them with commas.  You may need to add the email address noreply@razorserv.com to your whitelist or safelist as a safe sender to ensure that the messages are not filtered as spam.
  4. Click on the "SAVE" button.

Form Pages

  1. A default page name of "Page 1" is added for the first page, but you can change the name or remove it.
  2. You can have all of the form questions listed on one page or you can use multiple pages instead.  If you want to create a new page for the form, click on the blue "+" icon at the top next to the "P1" tab.
  3. Click on the "+ add question" link on the left to create the first question on the page.
  4. There is a total of 14 different styles of questions you can add to the forms.  The first six you see in the list below are under the "Standard" category, and 7 through 14 are visible when you click on the "Pre-Defined" link on the right.
    1. Drop-Down List (Single Answer)
    2. Check Boxes (Multiple Answer)
    3. Radio Buttons (Single Answer)
    4. Text Box
    5. Cost Item
    6. Ticket Item
    7. Person Name
    8. Address
    9. Phone Number
    10. State
    11. International Address
    12. Email Address
    13. Date
    14. Time
  5. The form does not have any questions to start with so you'll design the form with exactly the questions you want to include.  Select the type of question you want to add and click on the [create] button.
  6. The types of questions listed under "Pre-Defined" have a default heading, but you can replace it with your own wording in the "Q" field.  The questions in the "Standard" category do not have default wording in place so you'll need to enter the text for the question.
  7. You can also add the option to make an answer required for any of the questions you create by clicking on the asterisk symbol "*" to the right of the "Q" field.
  8. If there is a registration fee, you should use the "Ticket Item" question and set the price.  You can also limit the total number of tickets available and set a maximum number to be sold at one time.  The "Ticket Item" questions also have an option to upload an image.  The thumbnail image will be small on the form (maximum of 100 x 100 pixels), but the thumbnail image is also a link to a larger version of the image.  NOTE: The questions that have a price do not have a way to add sales tax or shipping and handling rates.  You will need to adjust the prices accordingly if those apply.
  9. The "Cost Item" question can be used if you are selling items (t-shirts, etc.) through the form.
  10. In addition to questions, you can also provide structure to the forms with three types of page elements (Section Title, Section Description, and Line).  Click on the "add page element +" link on the right.
  11. All of the questions and page elements can be reordered by dragging and dropping the green area located on the left side when you hover the items.  Click on the red area to the right of each item if you need to delete it.
  12. Click on the "SAVE" button.
  13. Click on the "PREVIEW FORM" button at the bottom to view how the questions are arranged and check for errors.  The preview page does not allow you to test the form so you don't need to try to fill it out and make sure it's working.  The preview just lets you see how the form will look.
  14. If the form does not have any Cost Item or Ticket Item questions that have a price greater than zero, then you can skip the "payment" and "coupon" sections and just click on the "thank you" tab to enter a thank you message to appear after the online form has been submitted.
  15. Click "LOCK & PUBLISH"

"payment" tab

  • If you have Cost Item or Ticket Item questions in your form that have a price greater than zero, you can have the payments processed online using an account with EFTPlus, or you can check the box marked "Accept Other Payment" and provide payment instructions here.
  • Payments made online through the forms can only be processed with EFTPlus and cannot be done through PayPal or another company.
  • You can sign up for a basic EFTPlus account by clicking "TOOLS" >> "Ecommerce".

"coupons" tab

  • The coupon feature for the online forms allows someone to enter a discount coupon that is applied to the total amount due.  You can apply a percentage discount or a dollar amount to subtract from the total.
  • The values you can enter for the discount cannot be in decimal form so if you try to make a coupon for $7.49, it will just round to the nearest dollar.  The discount would be for $7.00.  The same is true for percentages.  If you try to use a coupon that offers 7.5% off, it will round it to 8%.
  • The discount codes are not case sensitive so if you use a code of "ten", they can also use "Ten" or "TEN".
  • You can have up to 15 coupon codes for one form, and you can turn any of the codes off at any time.  You would need to manually make a code inactive by editing the form because it doesn't have a feature for entering dates that the codes are active.