If the domain name for your website has expired, you  need to find out which company was used to register it and which email address is on file as the contact for that domain account.  You may be able to find out the answers to those questions by clicking on the link below and typing in the domain name in the lookup tool.


Email notices are sent to the domain account administrator before the domain name expires.  If you have access to that email address, check to see if you can find one of those messages.  The messages have instructions on how to access the domain account and renew the domain name online.  If the email address on file for the domain account is not valid and you don't remember the login information to access the domain account, you can call the registrar and ask for instructions on how to proceed.

Outreach Websites does not manage or renew domain names for its customers.  The domain name is the sole responsibility of the customer. Make sure you keep the contact information for the domain name current so you receive email reminders before the name reaches its expiration date.