The moment you've be working toward has arrived. Your website is ready for the world to see! Here are the steps to launch your new creation.

If you do not yet have a domain name for your website (the .com or .org address), you'll need to register one first.  Click on the link below to buy a new domain name.

If you already own a domain name, you will need to point it to our servers. To do so, you will log into your account at the same place you registered the domain name and look for something that says either "change name servers" or "set name servers". You will change them to:

This will generally take 8-24 hours for all DNS servers to be updated. Make sure to email when you do this.

NOTE: If you have existing email addresses on your domain, do not route your domain without contacting Technical Support first. We will add the domain name to our servers so you can set up your email accounts before you launch the website.