When you add a page to your website, It will have some elements in place by default.  Almost all of the pages have the option of adding unlimited apps and elements.  Click here for instructions on adding apps, and click here for instructions on adding elements.

The software provides a lot of flexibility to customize each page.  Here are some ways you can arrange the content on the page:

  • Each element can be reordered on the page by clicking on the icon with the vertical arrows  in the upper left corner and dragging it into another location on the page.
  • You can adjust the width of the apps after you add them to a page by clicking on the right and left arrow icons  in the lower right corner.
  • Apps can also be removed from one segment of the page into another area by clicking on the thumbtack icon in the upper right corner.  Then click on the app icon that appears and drag it over one of the areas labeled "AVAILABLE".
  • Most of the pages you add will have a side column where the navigation links will be listed.  You can add apps to the side column but not elements.  Apps that you add to the side column are set to display on "this page only", but you can click on the arrows icon  to have the app display on "this section only" or "all pages".  If you change the setting to display the app on "this section only" or "all pages", you can still remove the app from specific pages when you edit the page and then click on the little green dot  icon.
  • The typical page layout has a side column, but you can remove that column if you want to maximize the width of the page with content.  To do so, click on the "Settings" button at the bottom and then click on the "layouts" tab.  You will see options for setting the side column either to the right or the left as well as an option to remove it altogether.  The two choices you see next to "Global Layout" will change the default location of the side column for every page of the website except the home page.
  • If you need to delete an app or element, simply click on the red "X" icon in the upper right corner.