Process one-time online donations from debit and credit cards by using the services provided by EFTPlus.  The page lets the giver enter the amount they want to donate and then select a category or fund from a list that you create.

This page is integrated with the secure transaction processing system provided by EFTPlus.  The page is not compatible with other processors.  The first thing you'll need to do to use the page is to set up an account with EFTPlus.  Click on the TOOLS tab at the top and then the "Ecommerce" link.  Next click on the "setup" and the "Sign up Now" button at the bottom of the page.  You'll need the bank account number and routing number to set up the EFTPlus account so they can deposit the funds you receive online.  It usually takes one business day after you submit the online form to be approved.

There are no set up fees or monthly fees for the basic account so you only pay a processing fee of 2.99% + $.45 per transaction.  EFTPlus also offers two other upgraded accounts (Premium and Deluxe) that have more features for processing funds electronically through checking and savings accounts as well as setting up recurring transactions.  Please contact EFTPlus at 425-413-4806 if you're interested in upgrading.

Once you've signed up for an EFTPlus account and it has been approved, you can set up the Online Giving page.  You can add content to the page be clicking on the "Advanced Text Editor" area of the page.  Then click on the blue "ADD CATEGORY" button if you want to offer different giving categories for the donor to select from when they give.  Don't forget to click on the "Save Page" button at the bottom and then check the box to make the page active when you're finished.