This page includes an online form that is used to collect prayer requests and praises from visitors to the website.  The prayer requests and praises can then be posted to the page and shared with the church community or kept private.

Here are the steps to customize the page:

  1. Click on the Prayer Request area of the page to customize the online form.
  2. You can replace the default title of the form by typing in your own.
  3. The name and email address fields are included in the form by default, but you can disable them by removing the checks in those boxes.  There are also boxes that you can check if you want to collect the phone number and address information with the form.  None of those questions are required to submit the prayer request form.
  4. The information that is submitted through the form can be automatically posted to the page on your website if you check the box that reads "I would like all request to appear on my website without my approval".
  5. If you leave that box unchecked the requests that are submitted will need to be approved in order to appear on the page.  You can have email messages sent to an email address and approve them through a link in the email, or you can periodically edit the prayer request page to approve or remove each request.
  6. There's also an option to replace the default subject line of the email messages you'll receive when someone submits a request using the form.
  7. When prayer requests are submitted through the form, you will see them listed in a "Pending Requests" area of the page.  Click on either the "approve" or "delete" button for each one.
  8. After prayer requests are approved, they can still be removed.  Click on the "delete" button next to the one you want to remove one from the page.
  9. Click the "Save Page" button at the bottom.

The Prayer Request page is designed to be interactive so the form does not have a way to customize it so that all prayer requests are collected privately.  However, you can create your own custom form in the Form Editor area of the software to collect prayer requests if you want people to have the option of submitting them but not displaying them on a page.