This page displays the events you've added to the Events Editor.  You can show all of the events or you can apply filters to show only specific types of events.

The Calendar page is not the area where you add or edit the information for events.  You can add and events on the calendar in the Events Editor area of the software.

There are two different ways to display the events in Calendar pages.
  1. The default view is the monthly calendar format that shows a standard calendar layout in a table with seven columns and six rows.  The event names and start times will be listed within the cells representing one day.
  2. There's also an icon to click on to change the page to use a list view instead.  This view simply lists the events in chronological order on the page.

The list view has some additional options that you can used to customize the amount of description text to include with the events as well as a drop-down menu to select how many days worth of events to display in the list.

There are three types of filters you can apply to the page as well.
  1. All of the event types are displayed by default (Standard Event, Service, Conference, Holiday), but you can remove the checks from the boxes if there are some that you don't want displayed on the page.
  2. There's also a check box available to use if you only want to show events that have an online registration form attached to them.
  3. The third way to restrict the events included on the page is to only show events that have been assigned to specific categories.  Click "Show events from these selected categories" and then mark the boxes for the categories for the events you want displayed on the page.