There is a master calendar that you will use for adding all of the events, services, conferences, and holidays.  Follow the steps below for adding those items.  There are specific apps and page types that you will use for displaying the content you've added to the master calendar.  Click on the links in this list for instructions on using those apps and pages (Calendar PageEvents AppServices App).

  1. Click on the "CONTENT" tab and then on "Manage Events"
  2. Either click on the "ADD NEW EVENT" button on the right or click on a day in the calendar.
  3. Click "Quick Entry" if the event does not repeat and you just want to add basic information to the event page.  Use the "Complete Entry" if you need to enter repeating rules, an online registration form, or more detailed information for the event.
  4. Type the name of the event and select either Standard Event, Service, Conference, or Holiday from the drop-down menu on the right.  Services will be used for the Services app.  All event types can be used in the Events app.
  5. Select the start date and time and click on the "Done" button.
  6. Use the drop-down menu labeled "Time Status" to choose "Set Duration" (specific start and end times), "Start Time Only", "All Day" (no start or end time), or "Unknown Time" (displays a message that reads "time not set").
  7. You'll see an icon to click on for uploading a "Thumbnail Image".  The image will be cropped to display a square thumbnail (200 pixels x 200 pixels) on the event page.  The thumbnail images can also be used in the Events app and Services app.  If you don't want to upload a thumbnail image for the event, you can still add images in the "Event Details" area of the event page.
  8. Enter the event details using the text editor box.
  9. Events can be categorized using the categories you create.  The categories are helpful if you plan on having multiple event calendar pages that only show events for specific age groups or ministries.  Categories are also good if you want to use the Events app in a variety of pages on your site and only want certain events to be included in the specific instances for each app.  You can create a category called "special" if you want to highlight big events using the Event app.
  10. Click the "save" button at the bottom if you're using the Quick Entry method.
  11. There is a link you can click on at the top if you want to switch to the "Complete Entry" view to enter repeating rules, an online registration form, or more detailed information for the event.
  12. For events that occur on regularly recurring days and times, you can use the drop-down menu to select "Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly".  There is a wide variety of options for repeating rules that you can set.  The "Weekly" options should be used for events that happen on the same day(s) each week.  Make sure to check the box for the correct day(s) of the week.  The "Monthly" options provide ways to have events repeat every month or on the months that you choose.  The "Until" date that you set is the last day that the event will be included on the calendar.
  13. Click on the "Additions / Exceptions" button if the event recurs regularly, but has some exceptions to the repeating rules you set.  Create "Additions" to duplicate the event on dates that are not included in the repeating rules.
  14. Click on the "Notes" button for events that recurr, but there is important information that needs to be added to a specific instance.  Examples of notes would be if a special guest speaker will be there this time or a message reminding attendees to bring a friend this week.
  15. Click on the "Online Registration" button to create a new registration form for the event.
  16. Click on the "Forms" button if you already created an online form in the Form Editor and just need to create a link on the event page to that form.
  17. The "Complete Entry" view for editing events also has areas where you can enter "Contact Information", "Event Location", "Directions", "Parking Statement", and "Childcare Statement".
  18. Don't forget to click the "save" button at the bottom.