The Services app lists seven days worth of upcoming services that you've added to the calendar in the Manage Events area under the "CONTENT" tab.  If there are no upcoming services on the calendar that match the criteria you set in the app, then this app will not display any content on the page.

Here are the steps to set up the app:

  1. We recommend that you add a title for this app and check the box to have the title displayed above it.
  2. Select one of the three options from the drop-down menu marked "How much of each event to display".  You can display the first 100 characters of each event description text, the first 250 characters, or just the headlines.
  3. The second drop-down menu lets you chose the between showing the next seven days worth of services starting today or seven days of services starting on Sunday.
  4. Click on the "category options" tab if you have used categories for the services on your calendar, and you want to display only the services that have been marked with specific categories.
  5. Click on the "layout options" tab to choose one of the three different options for how the services are arranged in the app.  Select one of the five options available for customizing how the services are listed.   The "Big Thumbnails" view is only available when the app is used in a space that is takes up at least two thirds of the full page.  Big thumbnails are 200 × 200 pixels and the standard size is 100 × 100 pixels.
  6. You can also choose between using the "Standard" mode or the "Highlight" mode for the app.  The standard mode gives has one vertical list of services   The "Highlight" mode will customize the app to arrange the services in two columns when it is used in a space that takes up at least two thirds of the full page.  The "Highlight" mode limits the services to a maximum of seven when it is in an area that is two thirds of the full page width and limits them to three in areas larger than that.
  7. Click on the yellow "Save App" button at the bottom of the page.