The Video App adds a video player to the page that is used to play a video you've uploaded.

Here are the instructions for using the app:

  1. Either select a video that you've uploaded to your site earlier by clicking on the thumbnail image for it in the "mylibrary" area, or click on the "upload video" button and then "add files" to upload a new file.  You can upload any size file that is within the total available media space for your account (1 GB by default). However, we recommend that you upload video files that are under 200 MB in size because files larger than that may take too long to upload.  Most major video formats are accepted except .m4v, but we recommend using a compressed format like .mp4, .mov, or .wmv.  If the video file you have is larger than 200 MB, you can change the settings you used to create the file to either use a different format or compress the file more.  Here is an example of a video size and bit rate that may work well for your video: 640x360 pixels 400 kbps.
  2. If you uploaded a new video, it will take a few minutes to process.  You should see a green image indicating that the file is processing after it finishes uploading.  Click the "Save App" button at the bottom to check back when the video has finished.
  3. This app has two areas for displaying titles.  You can use the App Title if you want it to appear above the video player.  The other title field that you see on the right will be displayed below the video player.
  4. The caption will be displayed under the video player as well.  The titles and caption fields are optional for the app so if you prefer to have the video without any text, you can just leave those areas blank.
  5. The app will automatically use a frame from the video file to display, but you can upload a custom image if you want to have one that you've designed.  The image dimensions you should use are 598 pixels wide and 336 pixels tall.  This app will display a warning if you upload an image that is not wide enough or tall enough.  Click on the orange "change video image" button to find the graphic you want to use and upload it.
  6. Click on the yellow "Save App" button at the bottom of the page.

There are some variations to the way this app is displayed depending on the width of the column where it is placed.  

  • When the app is in a narrow column (one half of the page width or smaller), it will display the image for the video with a standard play icon over it that will link to the video player.  The player will appear over the page and begin playing when they click the play icon.  The video title and caption will be displayed below the video image.
  • The app will display an embedded video player on the page when it is placed in a column that is wider than one half of the page.  The video title and caption will be displayed below the embedded player unless it is located in a full width area of the page.  In that case the video title and caption are displayed to the right of the player.