This app adds a player for audio sermon files and music files.  Up to ten files can be added to the playlist.

Here are the instructions for using the app:

  1. Either select an audio file that you've uploaded to your site earlier by clicking on the thumbnail image for it in the "mylibrary" area, or click on the "upload audio" button and then "add files" to upload a new file.  We recommend using a compressed audio format like .mp3 or .wma.  Sermon audio files with a bit rate of 64 kbps usually have a good balance of quality and small file sizes, but you can compress the files with a bit rate of 24 kbps to make file sizes even smaller and maintaining good sound quality.
  2. If you uploaded a new audio file, it will take a few minutes to process.  You should see a green image indicating that the file is processing after it finishes uploading.  Click the "Save App" button at the bottom to check back when the file has finished.
  3. Enter a title under "audio options" to replace the file name.
  4. You can also select either "speaker, artist, or other" for the Presenter Type.  If you select the "other" option, you can type a custom label in the field that appears.
  5. There's also a space available if you want a description visible when the file is playing.
  6. A default image is in place for the audio files, but you can replace it with your own graphic.  Click on the orange "change track image" button to upload your own image to be displayed in the app.  The image you upload will be scaled and cropped to 180 pixels wide and 144 pixels tall to fit in the player.
  7. The app can have up to 10 files in the playlist.  Click on the "CLICK TO ADD" links to add more audio files to the app.  Click on the right arrow icon on the right side to see the spaces available for more tracks beyond the first five.
  8. You can also change the order of the tracks by clicking and dragging them.
  9. Click on the little gear icon on the right if you want to use the auto-play feature to have the audio begin playing on the page automatically without clicking on the play button.
  10. Click on the yellow "Save App" button at the bottom of the page.

There are some variations to the way this app is displayed depending on the width of the column where it is placed.  

  • When the app is in a narrow column (one half of the page width or smaller), it will display a "Now Playing" area above the Playlist.
  • The "Playlist" area will be to right of the "Now Playing" area when the app is placed in a column that is wider than one half of the page.