The Prayer app displays the most recent prayer requests and praises that have been submitted on the Prayer Request page(s).  This app will not be displayed if there are no visible prayer requests that have been submitted using the online form available on the Prayer Request page type.

Here are the steps to customize the app:

  1. Choose the option to either simply display the prayer requests and praises or to include a link below each item in the app.  The links enable people reading the requests for prayer to click “I will pray” or “Amen!” for the praise reports.  The app totals how many people have clicked on the links and will show the number of people praying.

  2. The next drop-down menu gives you three choices for how much text to display of the prayer request.  A link is also included next to each item in the app that will bring them to the prayer request page where they can read the entire prayer request that was submitted through the form.

  3. The third drop-down menu lets you choose how many items you want to be listed in the app.

  4. We recommend that you add a title for this app and check the box to have the title displayed above it.

  5. Click on the yellow "Save App" button at the bottom of the page.