This app is an online form added to the page that visitors will use to sign up for mass email lists you’ve set up in the Blast Box area of the software under the “TOOLS” section.

All of the questions on the form are required.  The app allows you to customize much of the wording for the form by entering text into the fields under the “e-newsletter settings” tab.

The app also has three color styles to choose from.  Select the one you like the best under the “layout options” tab.

The app will not display the form if you do not have any lists created or if you have not set the mailing lists to be public.  Make sure that you’ve set the mailing lists to be public instead of private if you want people to sign-up using the app on your site.  The private lists are those you add email addresses to from within your account and are not listed as options to select in the app.