This app displays the most recent posts that have been added to the blog pages of your website.  If you have not published any blog posts in the Content Editor yet, then this app will not display any content on the page.

Here are the instructions to use the app:

  1. Select one of the three options from the drop-down menu marked "How much of the blog to display?".  You can display the first 100 characters of each blog post, the first 250 characters, or just the headline of the posts.
  2. The second drop-down menu lets you choose the number of posts to include in the app from one to a maximum of ten.  NOTE: If the app is placed in a full width or three-fourths* width column, there is a maximum of three blog posts displayed in the app.
  3. The other setting you see listed under the "blog settings" tab is the option to customize the text that is used for the link that is added after the first 100 or 250 characters of each blog post listed in the app.  If you chose to only display the headlines of the posts, then there will be text required for the link.
  4. Click on the "category options" tab if you have used categories for the blog posts, and you want to display only the posts that have been marked with specific categories.
  5. Click on the "layout options" tab to choose one of the three different options for how the posts are arranged in the app.  NOTE: If the app is placed in a full width or three-fourths* width column, with the most recent post on the left side and the other one or two on the right.  The app will simply display a vertical list of blog posts with the most recent at the top for all of the other column sizes.
  6. Click on the yellow "Save App" button at the bottom of the page.

*The three-fourths column width is not available on the home page or any pages using the full width layout.