The Contact Info App displays the important information and Google Map for people to be able to find your location and easily reach you through phone or email.

This app only uses the standard U.S. address format.  If your location is an address outside of the U.S., consider using the Text Editor app instead to display the address correctly.

Click on the "map options" tab to customize the Google Maps image that can be displayed with the address.  There are check boxes to display the Google Maps image or not as well as to make the image a clickable link to the address location on the Google Maps website or not.

When the app is placed in the wider page columns (two-thirds and full page width), the map image is placed to the left of the contact information.  When the app is located in any of the other columns, the app lets you decide to either have the map image appear above or below the contact information.

Click one of the radio buttons to choose from the four different styles of Google Maps images (Roadmap, Terrain, Satellite, Hybrid).  This app also allows you to customize the scale of the zoom used for the map.  The lower the number, the further out the zoom is.

Don't forget to click on the yellow "Save App" button at the bottom of the page.