This app allows you to make a list of up to ten hyperlinks on the page.

Here are the steps to use add links to the list:

  1. Click on the blue "add quicklinks" button
  2. Enter some text that will be used for the link where it says "Quicklink Name".
  3. There are five different kinds of links that you can add using this app.  They are all listed in the first drop-down menu where it says "Quicklink Type".
    1. "A page on your site" allows you to select an active page that you've created in the Content Editor.  Only active pages will be available to select in the second drop-down menu.  If a page is not available in the drop-down menu, you will need to use one of the other link types available.
    2. "An event on your site" will let you select an event from the calendar.  You should see all of the  events that have been added to the calendar using the Events Editor.  The calendar view will show you all of the events for the current month.  If you need to select an event for a different month, you can find it using the right and left arrow buttons.
    3. "A form on your site" lets you select an online form that you have created in the Form Editor.  Only forms that have been locked can be used in the app.  You will need to lock the form in the Form Editor in order to make it available to use.
    4. "A video on your site" will allow you select a video that you've already uploaded.  This app does not allow you to upload new videos.  Select the video for the link by clicking on the radio button below the thumbnail image.
    5. "A page on the internet" allows you to enter the address for any page.  You can copy the URL for the page when find it with your browser and then select the entire address in the top bar.  Make sure when you enter the URL for the link that the "http" part is included at the beginning. For this option you have the option of making the link open in a new browser window or open the page in the same window.
  4. You can continue adding up to a total of ten quicklinks by clicking the blue "add quicklinks" button.
  5. Make sure to click on the yellow "Save App" button at the bottom when you are finished with the changes you've made.

You can change the order of the links in the list by hovering over the one you want to move and then clicking and dragging the green arrows icon on the left side.

To remove a link from the list, hover over it and click on the red "x" icon, and then click on the "delete" button.

When there are ten links in this app, the blue "add quicklinks" button will no longer appear.

The link color and formatting for this app matches the design style you've selected in the Design Editor.  If you wanted to make a list of links and have more control of the font style and size, you can do so using the Text Editor App.