This bloq can display either a list of events or a full calendar depending on the size of the column where it is placed.

  1. You can either click on a date on the calendar or click on the button that says "add event".
  2. Enter a name for the event and select from the drop-down menu if it is a standard event, service, conference or holiday.
  3. Set the start time and end time.  If there is not and end time, you can select the option that says "start time only" from the drop-down menu labeled "time status".
  4. If the event is more than one day, you should use one of the options under the menu that says "event repeats".
  5. Click on the description tab to provide the details about the event.
  6. If you have an image that you want displayed, you can click on the "images" tab.  The image needs to be square.  If it is not square, it will have to be cropped.
  7. There is a "location" tab where you will enter the address where the event will take place.  A Google Map will be displayed with the event details.
  8. There is also a "forms" tab where you can link to a form you've already created or you can set up a new registration form.  If you create a new form, you can build it by clicking on the "edit" link or you can build it later in the "form builder" area of the software.  You will need to add all of the questions to the form and lock it in order to start using the form on your website.
  9. You will also see a "notes" tab where you can add notes that are specific to that event such as a guest speaker.
  10. The "additions/exceptions" tab allows you to add new dates for the event or remove the events from specific dates if the repeating rules should not apply.
  11. The last tab you see when setting up a new event is the "other" tab.  You can set a custom background color for the event and you can also assign the event to a category.  Categories can be used if you want to set up a custom calendar or events list that only displays specific categories like "youth".

The default view for the events bloq is a list of events that displays the next 7 days worth of events.  However there are a number of ways to customize the view.  You can switch the view to the calendar style so it will show the current month view instead of a list. You also have precise control of the number of events that will be displayed if you use the list view.  You can show a full week of events or a full month or you can set a specific number of events that you want to be displayed.

You will also see a tab called "Theme" that you will use to set the style of list.  It's important to note that even if you use the full month calendar view for your bloq, the list view will be used when someone sees your page using a mobile device.  So you should adjust the settings for the list view even if you're not using on the computer view of the site.

There are four themes available for the list view.  The default is called "expanded list" and it shows some of the details about the event.  There's also a standard "list" option that is a simplified version that doesn't have as many details included, but it still includes links to the details for each event.  You should use this view if you don't want to take up too much space on the page or if you have a lot of events on your list.  There are also two options that would work well if you have an image associated with each of your events. One is called "featured grid" and it can display up to 4 events on one row on the page. The other is just called featured and it can list multiple events, but it only puts one event per row.