This bloq displays an image, and the image can link to another page.

Click on the "add image" button.  You can upload your own images or you can click "Choose From Library" if you've already uploaded the image in the past.

After you select the image you want to use, you will see an image editor that will allow you to add a text layer over the image.  To do so, click on the "+" on the left.  You can drag and drop the text to place it where you want it.

Click on the "Link Areas" tab and then click on the "Add Image Map" button to make the image link to something.  The area will cover the entire image by default, but you can resize the area if you click and drag the lower right corner.  You can have multiple links on different areas of the image.

Use the "ALIGNMENT" tab to add a little margin between the image and other content on the page.  Click "save" at the bottom when you are finished.