You can build a stylized button with text using this bloq. This style of button does not use an image. There's another bloq just for that called the Button - Image.

Simply replace the default text with your own and set the style and size.  You will set the color in the next step.  Click on the "button design" tab to customize the button with your own colors and styles.  You can even make the background color transparent if you want.  You can set a custom width if you are trying to make a number of buttons all the same size.

Click on the "link actions" tab to link to an internal page or somewhere else on Web. If you want the button centered in the column where you placed it, you can do so by clicking on the "ALIGNMENT" tab and then selecting "center" from the drop-down menu at the bottom. Click "save" at the bottom when you are finished.

The "copy" link you see at the top is very helpful with this bloq so you can make a number of buttons with the same colors and styles.