This bloq displays the most recent posts from your organization's Facebook page.

This bloq will only work with Facebook pages that are set up as organization page with the privacy set to public on Facebook.

 It is not compatible with Facebook profile accounts or groups. You can convert your profile account to a Facebook page by clicking on the link below and following the instructions on that page.

To set up the bloq, simply enter your organization's Facebook page. 

If the Facebook bloq is not showing on your site, you may have entered the username or URL of the Facebook Page incorrectly. The URL should look something like this:

You can also click on the “settings” tab to set a custom height for the bloq. The default number of pixels is 500 which is also the maximum, but you can decrease that as low as 70 pixels if you want a smaller amount of space used.

Use the "ALIGNMENT" tab to add a little margin between this bloq and other content on the page.  Click "save" at the bottom when you are finished.

Another possible reason the Facebook bloq will not be displayed on your page is because the Facebook permissions for the page cannot have any restrictions. Check the permissions for the page by logging into the Facebook account and clicking "Edit Page" and "Manage Permissions". The most common restriction in place is the country restriction. Make sure all countries are allowed to see the page.