This app displays resources that you've added to the resource area of the software.

Under the list options tab, you can use the drop-down menus to select the options for including the upload date and file type for each resource on the list or not.  You can also decide how you want to order the list of resources by selecting from the options in the drop-down menus next to the Display Order heading.

Under the filtering options tab, you will see that you can list all of the resources or you can select individual resources to include in the list.  The other option is to display resources that have been assigned to specific categories.

Click on the layout options tab to choose from the three available list styles.  The compact view does not include any thumbnail images and has a compressed design. The other two designs will include the thumbnails.  The list view includes any description text along with the resource.  The grid view does not work if there are any information resources included in the list.